Sophie Barat loved music, and we see her spontaneously putting words to music on more than one occasion in the novel, beginning in Part 1 (“La Vendange”).  We also encounter chants that were dear to her, as well as reference to three giants of Romantic music, whose works creep into the surrounding story and give us a sense of the exciting times in which she lived.

  Ludwig van Beethoven, composer of the Eroica (almost Bonaparte!) Symphony, #3 (Parts 3 and 7)

  Two of Sophie’s favorite chants, Te Deum (Part 5) and Ave Maris Stella (Part 11)

  Gioachino Rossini, composer of The Barber of Seville (Part 7)

  Franz Liszt, composer, pianist, and lover of Marie d’Agoult (Parts 7 and 9)

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