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In 2009, Sisters Kathleen Hughes and Lisa Buscher compiled a page-a-day calendar of quotes by Madeleine Sophie.  Entitled The Wisdom of Madeleine Sophie Barat, it offers one quote per day, and another series of special quotes for feast days.  

To order the calendar, click the following link: Calendar Order Form

With the writers’ kind permission, the quotes for August are below. Come back next month for September!

August 1 ~ Nothing can be compared to the action of the Spirit in souls she inhabits; they rest in the Spirit; the Spirit speaks in them; they act by the Spirit. The Spirit dwells in those persons like gentle refreshment amid stormy passions.

August 2 ~ There is room for all in that wide wound in the Heart of Jesus, but its secret depths are for the little and lowly ones.

August 3 ~ Jesus wanted to fulfill the promise he had made to the apostles to stay with them  . . . The fruit of communion and participation in the eucharist is that the Lord becomes one with us, and we become one with him.

August 4 ~ From the beginning this little Society was consecrated to the Heart of Jesus . . Do you understand the name you bear? Do you understand your obligations? Do you understand that you are here only to promote the glory of the Heart of Jesus by . . . trying to give expression within yourselves to the virtues of which the Sacred Heart is a model?

August 5 ~ Remember that one must be more careful in giving reprimands in writing than by word of mouth. The spoken word passes, but the written word remains. The pain it causes is greater and lasts longer unless one is more guarded.

August 6 ~ Setting out is one thing: you also must know where you are going and what you can do when you get there.

August 7 ~ Act slowly and prudently with the grace of God.

August 8 ~ Assist the ones least well-off. I assure you, to set up young people in life, if they need help, is a far better work than you think.

August 9 ~ I wish you could be calmer and less agitated when things go wrong. Really, the way you allow your imagination to run riot totally undermines your judgment.

August 10 ~ Generally speaking, the best type of government is firm and impartial, clothed in a gentle and persuasive manner; truth is most acceptable when it comes from a real and unwearying personal interest. Few can resist this.

August 11 ~ God has done much to make you holy, so it is right that you should contribute something.

August 12 ~ See if God is the sole Artisan in your garden, or if any other person enters it, even if only to take a stroll.

August 13 ~ How quickly everything passes! My God, may we love you alone, for only you will remain when all else has gone.

August 14 ~ It is certainly a great gift to know how to arrange one’s time and use it well.

August 15 ~ True ecstasy is that which carries us out of ourselves by self-forgetfulness.

August 16 ~ Zeal creates time and energy where there would be none.

August 17 ~ Don’t be anxious about your interior storms; they are necessary, and the sea is calmer and more beautiful after a storm.

August 18 ~ You know what I want from you: a heart free from purely natural affection, a forgetfulness of self which does not allow you any useless going over the past, a love of God which predominates over all other loving, God’s interests alone occupying all your attention.

August 19 ~ As for you, eat and sleep well for the love of Jesus. You have heavy responsibilities and for this you need spiritual and physical strength.

August 20 ~ We seek holiness by the wrong means: sermons, books on mysticism, conversations with spiritual directors who have a great reputation for sanctity . . . we don’t need all that! Meditate on the words: “Leave all and you will find all.” What is this all? It is God.

August 21 ~ I might have dreaded for you the dangers of prosperity, but persecution I do not fear.

August 22 ~ The work of the Divine Heart breathes only charity.

August 23 ~ I am by character neither suspicious nor exacting; if only while doing wrong one had thought to do good, I ask nothing more.

August 24 ~ To influence our world we must understand it.

August 25 ~ Be kindled with holy ardor, and may others see in your actions the fire of divine love.

August 26 ~ A poor leader more than ordinarily busy and with imperfect subjects needs much gentleness, forbearance, and patience.

August 27 ~ You keep looking at yourself too closely; there must be more spontaneity, more generosity.

August 28 ~ For the sake of peace, I try to put myself in the place of others and only judge them by looking through their spectacles.

August 29 ~ I am more tranquil now for having recognized the impossibility of pleasing everybody and of acting without imperfection.

August 30 ~ Calm minds, check imprudence, and show by charity how to meet a crisis.

August 31 ~ The greatest opposition breaks against that brazen wall, that unconquerable rampart of divine charity.

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