IN THE MIDST OF A RAGING FIRE ON A WINTER NIGHT in 1779, a Burgundian woman went into early labor and delivered a child who never should have survived.  Instead, the tiny infant—Madeleine Sophie Barat—went on to thrive in a France wracked and torn by revolution, terror, Napoleonic domination, and all that followed in their wake. Possessed of a vision of a world dedicated to generosity and love, she founded a religious order and an international network of schools that still flourish today: the schools of the Sacred Heart. In 1925 she was declared a saint. Passionate, brilliant, politically savvy, and aware of the powerful potential of women to reshape society, Sophie is a role model for our own times.

Sophie’s Fire: The Story of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat is available on in print as well as electronic formats.

Constance Solari has taught at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton, California, since 1972 and serves on the Formation to Mission Committee of the U.S. Sacred Heart Network Board.  Her academic areas of interest are French and Italian studies, Comparative Literature, and the Humanities.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more about the author and how the book “happened,” click here.







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